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Torch Trust updated statement in relation to Covid-19

Following further restrictions advocated within the wider society for the benefit of all, and our duty of care towards our staff team, we have had to make a further review of how we can operate. Torch House will still currently be in operation, albeit with an absolute minimum of staff onsite to continue to provide services with priority towards the production of accessible Christian resources (including Bible Reading Notes), and the library service.

Our usual telephone lines with support for our clients remain operating and handled by staff from their homes. However, this is not at our full capacity so do bear with us when trying to contact us.

We continue to review and cancel as necessary any upcoming Torch Together events, anyone already booked on an event cancelled will be contacted in due course to arrange refunds. We have cancelled any dates currently set for Church or Group visits/SLFC training/exhibitions for the foreseeable future.

We have also advised Torch Fellowship Groups who cannot now meet in person to try to make every effort of supporting people online and by the telephone. Indeed, we will be using this time to review, advise and promote how best the many platforms for remote meetings and fellowship can still take place.

These are incredibly challenging days for us all and for those living with sight loss is an added consideration. In these unprecedented times we continue to invite your prayers, acts of kindness towards each other, and as able any financial support, without which we would be unable to continue.

In respect of financial support, we would really benefit in these times from online donations to limit the manual processing of cheques. Torch's bank details are - Torch Trust for the Blind, SORT CODE: 40-52-40, Account Number: 00017072. It is really helpful to quote a reference if you have one, your Client Code if you know it, or simply your post code will help us identify you.

As a ministry centered upon Jesus Christ, we turn to God in these days to ask for his peace upon ourselves, our communities and all those close to us.

Posted: 25th March 2020 by Michael Heaney

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Sight loss in the UK is a growing concern

We know that churches want to give everyone the best possible welcome – but it can be hard to work out just how to do that.

People with sight loss can easily feel unable to join in with or attend church, leading to a lack of community support and human connection. Becoming part of Sight Loss Friendly Church means that we can help you give the warmest welcome to people with sight loss, making your church a place where they can thrive.

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Someone in the UK is told they're going blind


Becoming sight loss friendly

It’s actually very simple for churches to make quite small changes so that everyone feels fully included.

Most of these require only a little thought and preparation. By signing up to become a member of Sight Loss Friendly Church, you’ll gain access to a wealth of help, support and advice from Torch; experts with over 60 year’s experience.

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A Christian response to sight loss

Torch Trust believes people with sight loss have an equal and valuable part to play in church and communities. By working together we reach and enable people with sight loss to have fulfilling Christian lives.

Torch changes lives by providing accessible Christian resources and support, encouraging people to have confidence in God and themselves. We change communities by providing expert advice and guidance, enabling churches and Christian communities to be inclusive of people with sight loss. Find out more about Torch.

Torch Trust is a registered charity, and we rely on your generosity to carry out our work.

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