It’s all about attitude

Attitude is the most important thing about being sight loss friendly. In any congregation, it can be hard to meet everyone’s needs at the same time and the same is true with sight loss.


When planning church events, services or communications think to yourself, “What can we do to include blind or partially sighted people?”


Approach individuals and ask what would be best for them.


Make changes, adapt room layouts or use Torch resources so that everyone with sight loss feels included in your church.


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It was visually impaired people coming to our church which prompted us to call Torch to see how we could best include them.

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free resources

We offer a large range of resources to help you and your congregation become sight loss friendly. Some are great for interactive activities, some for raising awareness and others for helping people to understand what it is to be sight loss friendly.

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Advice and training

Members have access to practical sessions looking at how your church can be more welcoming and inclusive for people with sight loss. These workshops are free of charge.

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Torch shop

Torch produces accessible Christian literature (in large print, audio and braille) including Bibles, Bible notes, Alpha course notes and more. Available to purchase or borrow.

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Feature on the map

When you join Sight Loss Friendly Church, you will be featured on our map to encourage people with sight loss in your area to come to your church.

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St Thomas Baptist

St Thomas Baptist, is a church of around 200 which has pioneered the campaign.

Stephen Cousley has been the pastor there for 10 years and says the church is thrilled to be Torch’s first Sight Loss Friendly Church. He says that it was blind people attending church who inspired them to contact Torch to ask the question: how can we best help them?

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