Training material for churches

The following training resources have been created to help your church on its sight loss friendly journey. Our main aim is for you, and people in your church, to have a better understanding of what it might be like for someone living with sight loss, resulting in your church being more sight loss aware, and friendly.

You can use this training in a group, in a service, or go through it on your own. If there are things you are struggling with always remember you can call us or email us to get advice and assistance. All our contact details are on our website.

It is always good, if possible, to have someone who is living with sight loss at these sessions. They can offer their own perspective and experiences and help your understanding of the difficulties people often face. We may be able to liaise with one of our volunteers on your behalf to make this happen in your area if needed.

In the following pages there are three training sessions for you to work through. Each one has practical elements to it as well as facts and discussion points. There are documents on the resource page of the website which you will need to download or have available as you work through this training too. Eye masks are useful for this training, please contact Torch Trust if you are struggling to get some.

It is a serious point being made but we are quite sure there will be laughter and fun throughout, especially when trying some of the practical activities.

There are three sessions which make up this training and should take no longer than two hours in total to complete.

Session one

Raising Awareness of Sight Loss – an overview of different types of eye conditions and information about how sight loss is growing.

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Session two

Understanding how sight loss can impact church life.

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Session three

Advice and guidance to make your church more sight loss friendly.

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Training materials

A downloadable resource covering all three sessions.