Advice and guidance on how to make your church more sight loss friendly


To understand how, and be ready, to make your church more Sight Loss Friendly.


Useful resources

Best practice guidelines

Preparing materials

Practical guiding tips

The three resources, Best Practice Guidelines, Preparing Materials and Practical Guiding Tips, are available to give you lots of ideas on how to make your church building, your services and your congregation more sight loss friendly.

Now that you have had chance to consider what challenges people with sight loss face we want you to see there are simple things you can do that can make a big difference. We hope that because of the discussion points in the last two sessions we have already sparked ideas as to what you could do to make things more accessible for people with sight loss.

With the ‘Best Practice Guidelines’ resource, talk about how you can more easily fully include people with sight loss during your services and at social activities.

With the ‘Preparing Materials’ resource, talk about how information is visually presented in your church. Consider your notices, hymns, communications and resources for groups like home groups.

With the ‘Practical Guiding Tips’ resource, take it in turns to guide and be guided around the church building. Use eye masks or blindfolds when you are being guided. This will help you understand how difficult it can be when navigating around a room.

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer to you is to have conversations with those in your church, or who may start coming to your church, who have sight loss. Ask questions to find out how you can best support them.